My First 5k

April 29th 2017 I ran my first 5k. Well I didn’t run the entire time I ran and walked. I would run as much as I could then walk 1 minute and towards the end I would run 1 minute and walk 1 minute. This was at Columbus Capp city half marathon.

My time was 46:58 not great by any means but its a start. I didn’t train for this race I only decided that Monday to run it. I am not a runner and have not ran this much since I was in high school over 25 years ago. I never thought I would be able to run this much. I have recently lost about 45 lbs and been eating a Keto diet.

My next goal is to run a 5k with out walking at all. I am continuing to train for this by using the C25k app starting in week 3. I also am continuing to lift weights witb the 5×5 program. I dont lift heavy but enough to keep toning my muscles


How Fight Club Helped My Fear of Flying

On a bumpy flight to Phoenix I let my mind run ramped. I kept seeing in my mind a plane blowing up in mid air over and over again. I was replaying every movie plan crash in my head and I was freaking out. Well obviously the plane landed safely with no issues and everything was fine except for my mind. Over the next 5 years I was terrified to fly. I would drive any chance I could to avoid flying. I would get physically sick before I got in the plane and could not relax until the plan landed then I would be worried about the return flight the entire trip. Oh and if we hit any turbulence my mind start playing those movies scenes over and over in my head.

So how did Fight Club help me even though there was a plane crash scene in the movie?

The quote
“You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”

― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Well the part that says I am not special I am not unique there is nothing so special about me I am the same as everyone else in this world, and what makes me think I am so special that I would be in a plane crash. The only people that are in plane crashes are rock stars and I am no rock star. Thousands of people are in the air over the US every day every hour and what make me think that I would be a person in a plane crash. This really had me thinking.

Now this was not the only thing that helped my fear of flying but it become my mantra I play in my head when I start getting worried about flying.

Another big help to my fear of flying was mediating. I found a couple apps to help me mediate one is Headspace which gives you a 10 days 10 min session for free but its a great 10 day session that teaches you a lot about meditation. The other is buddhify which cost maybe 2.99. By meditating I didn’t turn into a Buddhist monk or a new age hippy but it did teach me how to take control of my thoughts.

Now I strongly recommend watching the movie Fight Club and reading the book by Chuck Palahniuk I think it has a lot of good messages hiding that can help look at our lives a little different like a dark mirror.